Fortune 500 Fertilizer Company confirming performance of SDSμ-Separator at industrial scale

Important development for SDS Separation Technology: Fortune 500 Fertilizer Company, Yangmei Fengxi, has officially recognized the performance of the SDSμ-Separator at one of its largest fertilizer plants. The separator has been functioning as a demister in its ammonia bi-carbonate production process for over 6 months, replacing a traditional separation vessel. This makes it the first industrial scale separator in the world, continuously separating all droplets down to 1 micron, with a factor 10 smaller size than the next available alternative (conventional separation vessel) in a fertilizer plant. Nitrogen fertilizer production comprises a very large global market including urea, ammonia and nitric acid. Micron-level separation using the SDSμ-Separator presents an opportunity to make this industry more efficient by reducing waste & footprint. The technical acceptance letter can be read in the below attachment.

Applying unique SDS-μicro-particle separation technology, SDS Separation aims to become the industry’s gas filtration solution of choice based on providing breakthrough economic and environmental benefits. Our technological advantage in mechanically separating particles down to 1 micron, allows us to deliver standardized SDS μ-separators & scrubbers at lowest cost of ownership, smallest footprint and best in class gas purification & product recovery performance within a range of 100 -15000 m3/h and pressures up to 200bar.