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Key Technologies

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Based on RPS technology the SDSµ-Separator provides a breakthrough performance in separating micron size droplets (demisting) or particles (dedusting) from gases.

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Based on SRS technology the SDSµ-Scrubber combines a highly efficient scrubbing performance and effective gas-liquid separation in both co-current and counter-current solutions.

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Based on CRS technology the SDSµ-Purifier extracts and purifies valuable gas components from waste-gases by combining efficient liquefaction and effective separation


Our aim is to introduce breakthrough separation and scrubbing solutions to chemical and manufacturing industries in Asia and Europe.
Achieving improvements for customers with fast investment-paybacks and environmental improvements form the basis for sustainable growth of SDS Separation.

About US

SDS (Bejijing) Separation Technology Co., Ltd.
Providing Innovative Separation & Purification Solutions

SDS Separation is an industrial process technology which focuses on the design, engineering and manufacturing of innovative separation and scrubbing solutions for the chemical and manufacturing industries in Europe and Asia.

Our team is currently based in Europe and North-East Asia. Our expertise, know-how and IP-protected solutions deliver customer increased production efficiency, lean designs, higher stability of operations, compliance with environmental emission standards and a reduction of investment in equipment.


Albert van Lawick van Pabst

Financial & Legal

Cor Saris


Christopher Liu

Business operations

Ethan Zhang

Production Application

Bert Brouwers

Inventor of RPS and CRS technology

April Wu

Product Application

Sunshine Li


Wilma Wang



Advantages of RPS Technology:

1. 100% removal of all 
particles >1micron.
2. Small size equipment, 
small footprint, (in general, 10% of the volume of existing separators).
3. Able to operate at very high pressures (1-200 bar).

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